Illustration Art By Micah Ulrich

Micah Ulrich is a Detroit-based illustrator and designer. Micah Ulrich grew up in a small town outside of Detroit. It didn’t take long for him to become acquainted with the arts as he grew up in a super artistic family. He became interested in drawing at an early age. Later, he could not stop his love of art and decided to attend the Detroit Institute of Art. In short, Detroit has an essential place in Micah’s social and artistic life. This is because Detroit is a great place for artists. It has a diverse artistic and cultural heritage.

It has a great social environment that brings together different talents. Along with Micah, there are many talented artists in Detroit. Of course, the city itself is also quite beautiful. That’s why Micah takes his inspiration from Detroit and the people here. We can define Micah’s illustration style as Illuminati and occult themes. Micah fell in love with the magic and esoteric subjects in art school. He later incorporated these themes into his illustrations. As Artwoonz, we admired his drawings. Creativity and passion are essential for an artist. (You know Creativity Runs on Passion) It looks like Micah has both.

Readers who want to follow Micah’s illustrations can follow the artist at this Instagram address. Micah has more than 900,000 Instagram followers. Honestly, we weren’t surprised by that. We leave you alone with Micah’s illustrations.